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  Plastindia Foundation, Mumbai, India
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  N. A. Group of Companies
  Anand Panchal, Marketing Director  
  Ambica Engineering & Wire Industries
  Alap Patel, Director  
  Plastindia Foundation, Mumbai, India
  V. M. Deshpande  
  Blend Colours Pvt Ltd., India
  Shailesh Lahoti  
TTE-4225 Model LF-01 - Year 2003, in very good condition - Conveyor with...
TTE-4224 - Temperature range: From ambient to 300C. - No of stations: T...
TTE-4223 Temperature controller: - Micro processor based PID controller ...
PCM-4219 - Automatic forming & cutting by Hydraulic Press - Adjustable t...
PTP-4222 Machine is used to cut separate and individual Blister in plastic...
AIE-4221 We offer you wide range of grinder to select for your specific re...
PCM-4220 - Automatic forming and cutting in manual - Adjustable travel & ...
PCM-4218 Plastic Insert Molding Machine - Insert Molding Machine Range 30...
PTP-4210 1) Tape plant - Motor: Main 20 hp motor with ac frequency drive....
PCM-4206 Model: DS-AB100-75 - Sheet width: 1500 mm - Sheet thickness: ...