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PET (Polyester) Films

Write to for PET films, polyester films, BOPET films and thermal lamination films manufacturers and suppliers. Source, PET films, BOPET films for thermal lamination, food packaging, flexible packaging and laminates

PET Films

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PET Films With Silicone Glue SKG 407 Privacy PET Films screen protector for phone, computer, tablet Dvision Spec. Remark Release liner - 50um - JIS-Z-0237 PET pre-coating film - 100 Pri  ...more
PET Sheets Khandelwal Cables (PET division) fulfills every need of the PET sheet industry. Products: 1) Clear transparent PET sheets for general purpose a. 110 microns to 190 microns (min: any width to max  ...more
PET Sheets The most convenient way to package a range of applications - from consumer products to pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, engineering items. These PET sheets are sturdier and are stronger than PVC /  ...more
PET Films with Silicone Glue for Laptops Privacy PET Films for tablet, notebook, laptop Details : Release liner - 50 m PET pre-coating film - 100 um Privacy coating - 220 m OCA Adhesive - 30 m PET base film - 100 m Silicon Adhesi  ...more
Virgin PET Sheets JoshBLIS Sheets are offered in rolls / cut sheets with the following specifications. - Thickness range: 0.20 to 0.80 mm - Thickness tolerance: +/- 5 percent (max) - Width: as per customer requireme  ...more
PET Films Our PET Film is a three-layer co-extruded, bi-axially oriented film, made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is one side corona treated with high adhesion of inks and metal. It is widely used fo  ...more
Rigid PET Film - Recycle Grade Rigid PET Film - Polyethylene Terephthalate Film - Recycle Grade: has been specially developed as a cost saving alternative to the virgin grade PET. The mix of recycle content can be 20 percent, 30 pe  ...more
Rigid PET Film - High Frequency Welding Grade - GAG Rigid PET Film - Polyethylene Terephthalate Film - High Frequency Welding Grade - GAG: Rigid PET Film - High Frequency Welding Grade - GAG has been developed for high frequency welding. This is a mul  ...more
Rigid PET Film - Print Grade Rigid PET Film - Polyethylene Terephthalate Film - Print Grade: Rigid PVC Film - Print Grade is specially designed for printing application for offset printing, screen printing and digital printing.   ...more
Rigid PET Film - Antistatic Grade Rigid PET Film - Polyethylene Terephthalate Film - Antistatic Grade: Rigid PET Film - Antistatic Grade is specially designed for antistatic packing application to hold products that is sensitive to s  ...more
Rigid PET Film - Thermoform Grade Rigid PET Film - Polyethylene Terephthalate Film - Thermoform Grade: Rigid PET Film - Thermoforming Grade is specially designed for thermoforming and vacuum forming application. With excellent vacuu  ...more
Pet Sheet It is a transparent PET sheet which is produced with amorphous thermoplastic polyester resins. The sheet has an excellent intensity although it is lighter than glass or acrylic sheet. The sheet is sat  ...more
Natural transparent film Color: Natural transparent PET virgin with matt finish
Thickness: 185 micron
Width: 600 mm
Length:200 meters per roll
Manufacturer  ...more
Films for thermal lamination FILM TYPE : GLOSS
THICKNESS : 25 - 250
APPLICATIONS : Encapsulation, Posters, Menus, Contracts, Maps Blue Prints, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Birth Certificates, Report Car  ...more
Polyester Films We offer a wide spectrum of polyester films in thickness range of 10 to 50 microns to cater to the diverse needs of various applications. It can be used for metallized yarn, hot stamping, holograms, d  ...more
Thermal Lamination Films Our Thermal lamination films are based on both, BOPP & PET films. The products are targeted for high-end quality applications of thermal lamination & encapsulation.  ...more
Flexible Packaging system With its fifty year's experience in industrial plastic films,We produces a large range of polyester films for flexible packaging :
* FILM, metallised and/or coated films for the food industry. <  ...more is your one stop shop for plastic goods, components, houseware, films, sheets, profiles, packaging products, gifts, promotional items and novelties, containers, furnitures, pens, engineering components and other plastic items. Should you not find product of your interest in this section , write to us at

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UM-10186 - Film structure: ABC - Film width: 1.000 mm - Speed: 600 mpm ...
UM-10191 Model: EREMA PC 1100 TVE - Material that can be processed: PE, ...
UM-10192 Model: CAST FLEX 1.500 - Film structure: ABC - Material: CPP -...
UM-10172 Model: serie 2500-26LH - Screw: 172 mm 22D - Shot volume: 19300...
UM-10195 Model: RGA TVE 120 + Laser - Venting for de-gassing of moisture/...
UM-10194 Model: COEX 3 - Film structure: ABC - Material: LDPE, LLDPE, bl...
UM-10193 - Film structure: ABC - Material: stretch film - Width: 1.000 m...
UM-10190 - 120 mm + 60 mm extruders - Feedblock - 1650 mm Cloeren auto d...
UM-10189 - Equipped with K-Tron Vertech gravimetric feed resin system (4+2...
UM-10188 1) Injection Molding Machines: LTM Demag 85/100 - Machine type; ...