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Lamination Films, Foils

We offer lamination films, laminated films and foils, laminated paper and fabrics, paper laminates, flexible laminates and flexible packaging films for food packaging and lamination. PET / PE / Foil laminates and custom designed flexible foil laminates for cosmetics, food products and personal care hygiene products. We also offer printed multilayer films for lamination and packaging. To contact manufacturer of pressure and thermal lamination films write to

Laminated Films, Paper and Fabric

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Laminates and Metallized films - Laminates in Multi-layer bonding in Wet, Dry, Co-extruded lamination with Multi-color printing (Polyester / BOPP / CPP / CPE / PE / HDPE / Metallized PET / Aluminum Foil / Paper etc) in Sheet Roll   ...more
Paper Poly Laminate for Hygenic Fast Food Packagin Trend Plastpouchpack is manufacturer of printed & laminated paper poly pouches for food packaging. This is an eco-friendly and hygienic solution for packaging take-away foods by combining paper and pl  ...more
Lamination Film We have latest multilayer film plant alongwith liquid PIB system having latest technical features to give right quality film to match your requirement. As yourself are aware that packing play a very i  ...more
Laminates for Pouches, Innovative Packaging We manufacture - Laminates in roll form - practically any structure - from PET / BOPP / Al Foil / Paper or PE - Laminates with holographic effect or special coating - Small to big size pouches mad  ...more
Pet/Foil/P.e.Laminates Packaging of :
Baby Food, Milk Powder, Breakfast Cereals, Soups Seasoning, Beverages, Pesticides, Insecticides, Tomato Ketchup & Purees, Lined Cartons, Tooth Paste, Oral Re-hydration Salts.   ...more
Lamination Films - Typical thickness: 25 micron to 90 micron - Applications: Oral care, cosmetics, coffee, ready to cook foods, pesticides, lubricants, fruit concentrates - Typical structures: PP or PE/TL/PA/TL/PE   ...more
Laminated BOPP, PET Film Rolls We manufacture Laminated Rolls up to 1000 mm width with high quality Roto gravure printing enhancing your display characteristics & helping you to endorse your brand distinctly. Available combinati  ...more
HMHD Laminates HMHD laminate is expanded cellular polyethylene laminated with high molecular high density polyfilm and is generally available in thickness of 0.75mm, 1.00mm, 1.20mm, 1.75mm, and 2.00mm. HMHD pouches,  ...more
Three Layer Co-Extruder In order to serve customers to the utmost extent we have in-house polyethylene extruding facility for lamination process. This machine used in the process gives quality polyethylene for better laminat  ...more
Glassin Paper/ H.S.VMCH Coated Packaging of
Pharmaceutical Blister Pack   ...more
Glassin Paper/P.E.Laminates Packaging of
Pharmaceutical Strips  ...more
BOPP/ CPP Laminates Packaging of
Biscuit Wrap  ...more
Pet/ H.S.Met.BOPP Laminates Packaging of
Cough Drops and small Candies  ...more
Pet/ Met.Pet/ Paper Laminates Packaging of
Battery Jackets, Labels  ...more
Pet/ Met.Pet/ P.E.Laminates Packaging of
Snack Foods, Soft Drink Concentrate, Mosquito Mats, Tobacco Products   ...more
Pet/ CPP Laminates Packaging of
Pillow Pack for Candies  ...more
Pet/ Paper Laminates Packaging of
Soap Wrap, Battery Jackets  ...more
Pet/ P.E.Laminates Packaging of
Shampoo, Tea Pouches, Detergents, Noodles, Cereals, All type of Food and Non-Food applications  ...more
Foil/ P.P.Laminates Packaging of
Lidding foil for jams, Ketchup, Noodles  ...more
Paper/ P.E./Foil/P.E. Packaging of
Contraceptive Wraps, Oral Rehydration Salts, Powders  ...more
Cello/ Foil Laminates Packaging of
Confectionery Wrap  ...more
Foil/ Paper Laminates Packaging of
Tea Packets, Tea Chest Linings, Cones for Frozen Desserts  ...more
Pet/ Foil/ Pet/ P.E.Laminates Packaging of
Skin Care Products  ...more
BOPP/ Paper/ Foil Laminates Packaging of
Chewing Gum Wrap   ...more
Paper/ Foil/ Heat Seal Packaging of :
Contraceptive Wraps, Biscuit Wraps, Suture Laminates Wraps, Surgical Blades  ...more
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UM-10186 - Film structure: ABC - Film width: 1.000 mm - Speed: 600 mpm ...
UM-10191 Model: EREMA PC 1100 TVE - Material that can be processed: PE, ...
UM-10192 Model: CAST FLEX 1.500 - Film structure: ABC - Material: CPP -...
UM-10172 Model: serie 2500-26LH - Screw: 172 mm 22D - Shot volume: 19300...
UM-10195 Model: RGA TVE 120 + Laser - Venting for de-gassing of moisture/...
UM-10194 Model: COEX 3 - Film structure: ABC - Material: LDPE, LLDPE, bl...
UM-10193 - Film structure: ABC - Material: stretch film - Width: 1.000 m...
UM-10190 - 120 mm + 60 mm extruders - Feedblock - 1650 mm Cloeren auto d...
UM-10189 - Equipped with K-Tron Vertech gravimetric feed resin system (4+2...
UM-10188 1) Injection Molding Machines: LTM Demag 85/100 - Machine type; ...