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Multilayer Plastic Barrier Films

Source barrier films, multilayer plastic coextruded films including 7 layer films with barrier properties for food packaging, lamination, printed multilayer films, oxygen barrier, aroma barrier films, multilayer plastic film for water vapor barrier, meat packaging film, 3 layer milk film and host of other application. For more details on manufacturers of multilayer, nylon, EVOH and other films write to Contact manufacturers of 5 layer, 7 layer and 9 layer barrier films for food packaging

Multi Layer Plastic Films

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Bakery Bags & Films Films for Bulk Bakery: We manufacture co-extruded films to bulk bun bakers. Our films are cheaper than cast films and offer increased shelf life, productivity, and profitability. Shelf Life: Co-e  ...more
Co-extruded Barrier Films Our co-extruded barrier films are high performance three, five and seven layer films that are used for demanding applications such as vacuum packing, gas flushing, hot filling, pasteurization, sterili  ...more
Multilayer PE Lamination, Dairy and other Films Our Polythene films meet high quality control requirements and are at par with the best-imported film samples. Efficient technical support, high quality standards and advanced production technologies   ...more
Co-Ex Multi Layer PE Film Three layer polythene (PE) films for flexible packaging of Milk, Ghee, Water. Laminates for packing of Spices, Tea, Shampoo, Edible Oils etc. The Co-Extruded film passes through various quality che  ...more
Polyethylene Multilayer Film We make polyethylene film. Two layered film - Film comprises of layer 1 and layer 2 only. Three layered film - Layer 1 and 2 along with 3 or 4 forms three layered film. Four layered film - This fil  ...more
Multilayer Sheets PP/HIPS/PET for thermoforming/vacuum forming: - Consumer products, tooth brush shaving blades and brushes, dry cells, torches, cosmetics items, cutlery, toys & torches. - Pharmaceuticals: Blister f  ...more
Multilayer EVOH Barrier Films and Laminates We are manufacturer of EVOH based barrier films suited for: - Paints and Varnishes - Turmeric & Spices - Tea and Coffee - Tomato Puree - Dry Fruits - Whole Milk Powder - Ketchups, Curries, Past  ...more
Multilayer Nylon Barrier Films and Laminates We offer multilayer nylon barrier films suitable for: - Edible Oil - Ghee - Lube Oils - Brake Fluids - Pickles - Pesticides - Aggressive Chemicals - Rock bolting and Waterproofing Compound   ...more
Dust Free Hygienic Food Packaging Films We manufacture in state of the art production facility supported with the best equipment from Windmoller and Holscher of Germany. With the entire manufacturing plant housed in a dust-free and temperat  ...more
Multilayer co-extruded blown polyethylene film< Our polyethylene films are designed to deliver specific packaging benefits based on the specific requirements of the applications.
Our speciality barrier films are designed in such a way to prot  ...more
Multilayer Films for packaging We offer a wide range of superior plastic sheets, lay flat tubing, bags, etc.   ...more
Films for Laminates & Packaging We are highly reputed and prime supplier in India of Multilayer Co-extruded plastic films for flexible packaging and other speciality applications. Multilayer films are a combination of two or more th  ...more
Customized 7 layer film for barrier properties We provide tailored multilayer barrier films to preserve the taste, aroma, flavour, colour, texture and integrity of your edible products. Nothing can match the retention power of our 7-layer Nylon   ...more
Multilayer barrier film for food products We are a highly reputed and prime supplier in India of Multilayer Co-extruded plastic films for flexible packaging and other speciality applications. Multilayer films are a combination of two or mo  ...more
5 Layer EVOH Barrier film for UHT milk packaging We are suppliers of Co-extruded Multi-layer Double Pigmented 5 Layer EVOH based Flexible Films suitable for aseptic packaging of UHT Milk on FFS Machines. Few of the advantages / unique properties of  ...more is your one stop shop for plastic goods, components, houseware, films, sheets, profiles, packaging products, gifts, promotional items and novelties, containers, furnitures, pens, engineering components and other plastic items. Should you not find product of your interest in this section , write to us at

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UM-10186 - Film structure: ABC - Film width: 1.000 mm - Speed: 600 mpm ...
UM-10191 Model: EREMA PC 1100 TVE - Material that can be processed: PE, ...
UM-10192 Model: CAST FLEX 1.500 - Film structure: ABC - Material: CPP -...
UM-10172 Model: serie 2500-26LH - Screw: 172 mm 22D - Shot volume: 19300...
UM-10195 Model: RGA TVE 120 + Laser - Venting for de-gassing of moisture/...
UM-10194 Model: COEX 3 - Film structure: ABC - Material: LDPE, LLDPE, bl...
UM-10193 - Film structure: ABC - Material: stretch film - Width: 1.000 m...
UM-10190 - 120 mm + 60 mm extruders - Feedblock - 1650 mm Cloeren auto d...
UM-10189 - Equipped with K-Tron Vertech gravimetric feed resin system (4+2...
UM-10188 1) Injection Molding Machines: LTM Demag 85/100 - Machine type; ...