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Serving Trays

Source from manufacturers a wide range of plastic serving trays for serving water, trays for serving juice, soft drinks, and food serving plastic trays.


Serving Trays

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Ice Trays Available different kinds of ice trays  ...more
Ice Tray Available quick chill ice trays  ...more
Tray Available trays in different sizes  ...more
Ice Trays Ice trays with fancy shapes  ...more
Tray Available trays with different designs, colours, sizes and shapes. And also available in transparent.  ...more
Tray Available tray with flask 1000ml.,hot pot 1100ml.  ...more
Tray Abailable tray with flask 1000ml.,6 cups & soucer  ...more
Serving Trays Available Serving Trays in different size,shape and design.  ...more
Ash Tray Available Ash Tray  ...more
Tray We have variety of Tray
Plastic Serving Trays and Glass Stand We manufacture a wide range of plastic Trays in rectangular, oval shapes with numerous print designs. We also offer 4 or 6 Glass Stand. Suitable to serve Tea, Snacks Juices and Drinks   ...more
Trays Available Serving Trays in different size,shape and design.  ...more
Ice Trays Available attractive Ice Trays with and without lid.  ...more
Ice Trays   ...more
Serving Tray We have different Types of Serving Trays.  ...more
Trays We Have Different Types of Trays.  ...more
Trays Available trays in different shape, size and design.  ...more is your one stop shop for plastic goods, components, houseware, films, sheets, profiles, packaging products, gifts, promotional items and novelties, containers, furnitures, pens, engineering components and other plastic items. Should you not find product of your interest in this section , write to us at

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UM-10186 - Film structure: ABC - Film width: 1.000 mm - Speed: 600 mpm ...
UM-10191 Model: EREMA PC 1100 TVE - Material that can be processed: PE, ...
UM-10192 Model: CAST FLEX 1.500 - Film structure: ABC - Material: CPP -...
UM-10172 Model: serie 2500-26LH - Screw: 172 mm 22D - Shot volume: 19300...
UM-10195 Model: RGA TVE 120 + Laser - Venting for de-gassing of moisture/...
UM-10194 Model: COEX 3 - Film structure: ABC - Material: LDPE, LLDPE, bl...
UM-10193 - Film structure: ABC - Material: stretch film - Width: 1.000 m...
UM-10190 - 120 mm + 60 mm extruders - Feedblock - 1650 mm Cloeren auto d...
UM-10189 - Equipped with K-Tron Vertech gravimetric feed resin system (4+2...
UM-10188 1) Injection Molding Machines: LTM Demag 85/100 - Machine type; ...