Presenting an additive
that adds to quality & profits!

An additive so good,
it can be 70% of your product

Calcium Based Performance Masterbatches
For Plastic products of higher quality and
lower production costs. Calcium carbonate
is an active ingredient giving the film special
characteristics making production more
fulīŦlling in terms of qualify and returns.

Can be used in cast films as well as
Monolayer / A-B-A/ Multilayer Blown


  • Sugar Liners
  • HM-HDPE Shooping Bags, Carry Bags,
    Grocery Bags
  • Tubings & Sheets
  • Garbage Bags
  • Thin Films (As low as 8 Micron)
  • Milk Pouches
  • Liners for Industrial use
  • Mulch Films
  • Can liners
  • Heavy duty films
  • FIBC Liners

Please Note:

Available in HDPE as Carrier resin for better
levels fo stiffness

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bajaj calcium based masterbatches
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