Extensive application in food & beverage and pharmaceuticals to propel growth of nano-enabled packaging


  • Nano-enabled packaging utilizes nano materials with diameter less than 100 nanometers, for the manufacture of packaging materials. The packaging finds extensive application in food & beverage and pharmaceutical packaging as it provides longer shelf life and improves attributes such as taste, texture, color and consistency of the packaged food along with increased absorption and the bio availability of nutrients in foodstuffs. Government regulations have also boosted demand. The other segments where it finds application are personal care & cosmetics, prepared foods, bakery and meat products, fruit and vegetables. Despite the conveniences offered,  low awareness among the users is hampering the market growth. Read more in Extensive application in  food & beverage and pharmaceuticals to propel growth of nano-enabled packaging
  • One of the largest application segments of packaging - the Food and beverages packaging is investing in R&D in nano enabled packaging to offer efficient packaging solutions coupled with reduced costs for manufacturing. Other factors fuelling market growth include increasing consumption of packaged food products, demand for shelf stable and sustainable packaging solutions, rising demand for healthy, fresh food, safety and quality maintenance awareness among consumers. As urbanization increase and lifestyles change, Asia Pacific is expected to record highest CAGR. Read more in Rising demand for longer shelf-life to propel global market for food and beverage nano packaging
  • Anti microbial additives are added to the plastic products to prevent spoilage of food, beverages, and medicines due to microbial contamination.  Demand will be driven by rising demand for plastic packaging, rising number of fast food chains and restaurants, as well as preference towards medical devices, hygienic and disposable products. These additives also find application in building and construction, healthcare, automotive, electronics, food and beverages. Amid robust government initiatives, the market will continue to witness steady growth in Asia-Pacific. Silver-based antimicrobial additives are projected to grow with the highest CAGR. This market also faces challenges and several factors restrain growth such as safe disposal and effects on the eco-system. Read more in Addition of anti microbial additives to plastic products prevent spoilage of food, beverages, medicines
  • Antimicrobial coating perform a dual role of protecting human beings from diseases causing micro-organisms thereby reducing risk of infections and protecting the application surfaces. They deal with the protection of the surface or the product and helps to kill, prevent, discourage the growth of micro-organisms, along with exhibiting properties such as abrasion & scratch resistance, heat nd chemical resistance, adhesion promoting surfaces. They find usage in applications such as indoor air / HVAC, medical, mold remediation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, building & construction, foods & beverages, textiles, consumer products, packaging, etc. Read more in Rising use of additives & coatings in plastic packaging to fuel growth of Antimicrobial Coating Market
  • Geosynthetics are versatile, highly durable materials and serve as cost-effective alternatives in geotechnical, environmental and hydraulic applications. They are incorporated to act as separators, filters, reinforcements, drainage facilitators and as liquid and gas barriers, and widely used in civil engineering, road industry, soil reinforcement, mining, etc. Increasing investments in infrastructure and environmental projects are likely to drive market growth. The key function for geosynthetics over the coming few years is expected to be containment and is expected to garner 42.1% of the market in terms of volume, making them a valuable asset in construction projects such as road widening, road base reinforcements, noise reduction barriers, soft soil stabilization, reinforced banking, and reinforcing wall and slope. Read more in Geosynthetics to offer solution for number of problems affecting topography of the world