• Some of the major factors driving the flame retardant market are high demand from current and emerging applications, demand from emerging economies, advancement in technology, increased security measures and new regulatory guidelines for reducing toxic chemicals. Growth in automotive, construction and electronics is leading to global increases in demand. Opportunities for growth continue to emerge in equipment & electronics, automotive & construction, and also infrastructure applications in emerging economies. Asia Pacific is the largest sales market with China alone accounting for about 24% of the global demand. Read more in Urbanization, rising incomes in Asia Pacific leads growth in global flame retardant market
  • Innovation by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will lead to increasingly demanding high-performance materials that offer durability, product finish, flexibility of use. Increased demand from automotive industry, advances in the processing industry and rising purchasing power in developing economies will be the key drivers of the elastomers market. Thermoplastic elastomers are likely to grow due to the diverse range of applications and increasing R&D efforts, propelled by the Chinese TPE segment growing at CAGR of over 8%. Read more in Thermoplastic elastomers to steer technological advancements that will drive growth of global elastomers market
  • A composite shows superior properties and structural performance better than the constituents. Composites (Carbon fibers, glass fibers, natural fibers, metal matrix and ceramic matrix) have made a big impact on the entire global market, including the automotive market. Using composite makes the cars lighter and renders greater resistance to heat, external impact and improves fuel efficiency. Almost all the leading car manufacturers are following a trend of replacing metal parts with composites. With extensive research and cost-effective mass production techniques in place, their prices have dropped, resulting in a direct increase in demand. Rising industrialization, particularly in developing countries such as India and China, has driven growth. Read more in Global automotive composites market to grow faster than automotive market until decade-end
  • Asia-Pacific is the key market for masterbatches, driven by demand from China, world's leading consumer of masterbatch products registering a CAGR higher than the global average till 2019. Growing GDP, rapid pace of industrialization, rising production and industrial bases, increased output of plastic components, consumer goods and packaging products and continuing penetration of masterbatch vs competing coloring methods remain key growth driving forces. Future growth in the international market hinges heavily onto developing economies in Asia-Pacific, South America and Eastern Europe. Packaging take the topmost positions, while fastest growth rate is projected to come from applications such as automotive and consumer goods. Read more Demand from auto, packaging in APAC, LATAM to drive growth in global masterbatch industry
  • Due to very large aspect ratios, a relatively low level of nanoparticle is sufficient to change the properties of packaging materials without significant changes in density, transparency and processing characteristics. Nano-enabled packaging gives longer shelf life to food and beverages as compared to traditional plastic packaging. Their addition has shown to render end products light, fire-resistant and stronger in terms of mechanical and thermal performance, as well as less permeable to gases. Global nano enabled packaging market is growing due to increasing demand for shelf stable packaging, controlling microbial growth, delaying oxidation, etc. Read more Global market of nano-packaging for food and beverages to reach US$15 bln in 2020