• Global polyethylene demand growth is expected to see robust growth fairly soon. Gains will match overall world economic growth, and will be propped by an acceleration in consumer spending and manufacturing activity. Polyethylene will continue to be the most widely used plastic resin in the world. Development of ethylene feedstocks from new sources such as shale gas, coal, and biobased materials will also give polyethylene a sustainability advantage relative to other plastic resins. Moreover, continually improving polymerization catalyst technologies will enhance the performance, customization, and yield of polyethylene resins. To know more, read Global demand for polyethylene to rise 4% pa to almost 100 mln tons in 2018

  • Protective Packaging protects the enclosed contents from damage, and preserves the integrity of a product within. This packaging serves a diverse set of markets like promotional and palletized distribution, household appliances, sensitive electronic components, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, furniture, publishing, aerospace, etc. Demand will be boosted by growing manufacturing activity around the world and growth of internet-based retail. Due to the size of its manufacturing sector and its growing middle class, the APAC region will offer the best opportunities for growth. Read more in Asia and Rest of World to be the fastest growing regions for Protective Packaging industry

  • Bioplastics are environment-friendly as well as a cheap and sustainable alternative to conventional materials. Economics, legislation and environmental issues will drive policies to support sustainable growth across the nations and various industries. Bioplastic acceptance is advancing and improving, but today is in the early stages of market development, representing less than 1% of all polymer production worldwide. To know about the factors determining growth, the growing application sectors, challenges faced, etc, read Driven by Asia, global capacity for bioplastics production to grow more than 400% by 2018

  • The next decade will witness growing opportunities in aerospace for composite parts manufacturers amid demand for lighter and more efficient aircraft. However, further improvements in the production process of high-value advanced composite materials for this market will be needed to grow to its full potential. High demand for aircrafts from APAC region is the major driver of demand. To know about the factors impacting demand and growth in this sector and the challenges faced, read Global aerospace plastics composites market to see double digit growth until end of decade

  • Resorbable polymers break down in the body’s aqueous environment. A new cheaply made, resorbable polymer may have the potential to replace existing materials used in medical device manufacturing. Once it is synthesized, the material can be broken down in a few days. Another team in building a material that is already inherently, intrinsically antioxidant by using a newly synthesized material that contains antioxidants in its very structure. The new biomaterial may find applications outside of vascular grafting, such as in creating scaffolds for tissue engineering, coating safer medical devices, promoting healing in regenerative medicine, and protection during drug delivery. Read more in Medical tech to benefit from inexpensive resorbable polymer, inherently antioxidant biodegradable biomaterial

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