• The global market for medical polymers is expected to grow amid increasing substitution of conventional materials by high performance polymers that offer low weight, application specific performance and biodegradability, as well as growing geriatric population, etc. Growing medical tourism in India, China, Malaysia and Singapore is expected to have positive impact on the market, making this the leading region. North America continues to be the largest regional market for medical polymers. Packaging applications are expected to witness fastest growth. Read more in Global Medical Polymer market to grow over 5% till 2020
  • The global market for geosynthetic materials has grown significantly during the past few years and is expected to grow at a more rapid pace in the next five years, mainly driven by large scale capital infrastructure and construction capital projects undertaken to improve civic facilities. The global geosynthetics market is currently dominated by the Asia-Pacific and North America, fuelled by demand from the road industry and waste management sectors. The global geosynthetics market, by volume, is led by geotextiles, with a share of over 60%. Asia dominates the global geotextile industry, and is estimated to reach US$2.5 bln by 2017. The growth of Asian market is expected to be highest among all regions. Read more in Global market for geosynthetics expected to grow at a more rapid pace in next 5 years
  • China accounted for approximately 16% of the global construction market in 2011 and is expected to overtake USA to become the largest market by 2020 to capture over 20% of total market revenue. On the other hand, India is also expected to become third largest market for construction overtaking Japan by 2020. In addition, Brazil - host of FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016, will see a huge surge in construction. Meanwhile, demand for rigid polyurethane foams in USA and Europe was impacted during the global economic downturn and has been on a slow path to recovery since. To know the size of the TPU market, key market drivers, challenges, applications, etc, read Growth of construction industry in China, India, Brazil to boost demand for rigid polyurethane foams
  • Global demand for cups and lids is projected to grow well in the next five years, fueled by growth in the quick service restaurant industry, an upsurge in world food and beverage processing output, increased consumer spending on packaged food, growing presence of environmentally friendly cups,etc. Food service will remain the largest cup and lid market, while the fastest growth will be seen in the food and beverage packaging market. Demand in Asia, the Africa/Mideast region, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America will rise faster than the global average. Read more in World demand for cups and lids to rise 5% pa through 2017, US demand to grow at 4.4% pa
  • A spray-on polymer gel has been developed to staunch bleeding during brain surgery that will cohere and control bleeding within 30 seconds, thus shortening an intracranial surgery by 30-45 minutes. It could reduce the possibility of infection and morbidity. In another development, a controlled drug-delivery system that can be implanted at the site of the removed brain tumor has been unveiled. The polymer wafers impregnated with a cancer-fighting drug is implanted after surgery and can help prolong life. Read more in Bleeding-control polymer gel for brain surgery, polymer implants attack brain cancer
  • A new, biodegradable hydrogel that could help farmers better use water during the growing season, is being developed. When placed near the roots of crops, the hydrogel will absorb up to 250 times its own weight in water and then will slowly release the water. It will repeat the soak-and-shrink process and lose its ability to hold water after a certain amount of time. But because it is biodegradable, it can remain in the soil. Read more in New, biodegradable hydrogel could help farmers store water for crops