• Nanocomposites are gaining importance over conventional composites due to their mechanical, electrical, thermal, barrier and chemical properties such as increased tensile strength, improved heat deflection temperature, flame retardancy, better optical and magnetic properties, high resistance to corrosion, high thermal and electronic conductivity. The market is expected to grow significantly on account of its wide range of applications including building & construction, automotives, electronics & electrical, IT, energy and packaging. North America held about 33% share in 2015, and is expected to maintain its lead. The nanoclays segment generated three-fifths of overall revenue in 2015 and is expected to continue growing well. However, high cost of processing is dampening the market growth.Read more in Packaging sector - the highest consumer of polymer nanocomposites, drives global demand
  • Polymer fillers provide industries with development opportunities of newer materials, that have enhanced and improved properties, thus driving the market growth. Salts, silicates, oxides, and hydro-oxides are its most important types of fillers. The global market has experienced a remarkable growth over the past decade and is expected to continue growing well in sectors like building & construction, packaging, and automotive. Driven by government incentives, Asia Pacific is expected to show robust growth. To know more about the popular polymer fillers, the regions with growth and demand, the sectors displaying maximum growth and potential, the challenges faced, etc, read Investment promotion programs in India and focus on growth sectors in China drives global demand for polymer fillers 
  • The combination of rising populations, climate change, and depleted natural resources has emphasized the need for sustainable technology like photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. Some new developments have been discussed- Researchers have partnered with industry experts to develop highly durable thermoplastic foams and composites that make the blades lighter and recyclable.  -3D printing of a mold for the wind turbine blades can lead to cost-savings within the product development cycle, and the technology also makes it easier, and cheaper, to add more functionality into components. -A new  textile capable of harnessing energy from both sunlight and wind merges two different lightweight, low-cost polymer fibers to create energy-producing textiles. Read more in Low cost offshore wind turbine R&D with 3D printing, polymer fibers to create energy-producing textiles
  •  Double-side copper laminate polyethylene terephthalate films have been designed for large-format touch panel sensors used in many electronic products like electronic blackboards, digital signage, and amusement devices. This offers improved qualities to help maximize the viewing area, enhance ease of use, and improve visibility. Also, researchers have developed a thinner-than-thin polymer that could exponentially expand the memory storage of our computers and smartphones. The polymer is made of organic material and can be stretched 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.  Read more Copper laminate PET films improve quality of large format touch panels, polymer offers exponential expansion of gadget memory
  • It will be possible to detect kidney diseases in its initial stages, when treatment is still relatively simple and the prognosis good. The key to this health and life-saving manner of diagnosis is a new polymer. Also, an electroactive device fabricated from polyvinylidene fluoride facilitates wound healing while protecting the wound and could find application for military personnel wounded in the field, hospital patients who have undergone surgery, astronauts in space.  Biocompatible polymers helped develop a lighter, more ergonomic and highly cost-effective kit of reusable instruments for spinal surgeries without compromising mechanical properties or sterilizability based on stringent chemicals, steam and even gamma radiation. Read more in Polymers help reverse effects of acute kidney injury, facilitate wound healing and spinal surgeries