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Way Entry Pallets : We are one of the leading Pharmaceutical Company, manufacturing and marketing wide range of finished products around the globe with our active presence in more than 45 countries. We are looking for non reversible 2 way entry pallet, having plain top, 3 longitudinal skid made of special polyethylene with puff having over all dimension 1000 X 1000mm X 140mm with grey colour and logo Quantity 800 nos. PR-1590

We are looking to buy good quality recycled film grade LLDPE Pellets, MFI 1, Colour is not an issue. We would like to convert it into 40 micron sheeting. Pls advise you best price C & F Blantyre, Malawi via the port of Beira in Mozambique.
Bag Making Machine (Central Seal and Side Pouch)
Slitting and Rewinding Machine
Laminating Machine
Shake and Pour Bottle for Syrup
Details:We are looking for suppliers of Plastic bottle will be in direct contact with food, hence processing of the bottles has to be extremely hygienic. This product is intended for European market, hence very high quality manufacturing. Some of the requirements are;
1) Good GMP practices.
2) ISO certified.
3) Glass policy in place.
4) Minimum 30 point parison controller.
5) 1 liter Double Station Machine (CMP will do).
6) Leak testing machine.
7) Controlled environment for molding.
8) Blow air should be oil free and moisture free (compressors should have such filters).
9) Should be ready to do manual labeling on front and back panels.
We will pay and make the moulds,
- Two 725 ml capacity blow mould.
- One 4-cavity cap mould.
Annual requirement is 500,000 pieces.
Quantity can go up as we intend to export to an increasing number of countries in Europe.
Chair Mould Please give us best price for armless chairs as per pictures. The weight of the chairs should be near about 2.00 kg.
Used moulds for armed Chairs Rocking Chairs for Kids Plastic Paper Files, Folders and Bags Non-foil Laminates Flexible foil Laminates PE floor system for storage Twin wall roto - moulded non pressure PE pipes Moulds for plastic pipe fittings PVC Shrink Wrap and Labels ISI Marked - HDPE Coil Pipe