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Used Plastic Machinery

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Used Plastic Machines

Used Auxiliary Equipment

Used Auxiliary Equipment / Post-Production Machinery (131)
Used Grinders Granulators Crushers Shredders (167)
Used Metallizers (36)
Used Mixer Coolers Blenders Banbury Mixers (104)
Used Screen Changers (8)

Used Plastic Blow Molding Machinery

Used Blow Moulding Machine - IBM (29)
Used Blow Moulding Machine - PET Stretch Blow (41)
Used Blow Moulding Machinery 20 liter and above - EBM (36)
Used Blow Moulding Machinery upto 20 liter- EBM (153)
Used PET Preform and Bottle Equipment (55)
Used Rotary Wheel Blow Moulder (2)

Used Plastic Extrusion Machinery

Used BOPP Film Lines (28)
Used Compounding Lines (89)
Used Extruders - Plastics (99)
Used Extruders - Twin Screw (59)
Used Extrusion Downward Blown PP Film Plant (7)
Used Extrusion Machinery - Film Line (157)
Used Extrusion Machinery - Others (61)
Used Extrusion Machinery - PE PP Pipes Tubing Profile  (26)
Used Extrusion Machinery - PVC Pipes and Profiles (94)
Used Extrusion Machinery - Tape Lines (33)
Used Extrusion Multilayer Blown Film Plant  (141)
Used Extrusion Plant - Cast Film  (124)
Used Extrusion Sheet Lines (141)
Used Recycling Equipment (142)

Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery

Used Injection Molding Machine Above 2000 Tons  (21)

Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery

Used Injection Molding Machinery for Thermosets (5)
Used Injection Molding Machines (600 Tons to 1200 Tons) (145)
Used Injection Moulding - All Electric Machine (17)
Used Injection Moulding Machines (1250 Tons to 2000 Tons) (81)
Used Injection Moulding Machines (160 Tons to 250 Tons) (141)
Used Injection Moulding Machines (260 Tons to 575 Tons) (192)
Used Injection Moulding Machines (upto150 Tons) (298)
Used Vertical Injection Moulding Machines (19)

Used Plastic Printing And Lamination Machinery

Used Lamination and Coating Plants (130)
Used Offset Printing Machines (8)
Used Printing Machinery - Flexo (121)
Used Printing Machines - CI Flexo (263)
Used Printing Machines - Others (18)
Used Printing Machines - Roto Gravure (124)

Used Plastic Processing Machinery - Others

Used Bottling Equipment (16)
Used Calendering Line (43)
Used Compression Moulding Machinery (3)
Used Mold Manufacturing Machines (8)
Used Non Woven Lines (8)
Used Packaging-Packing Machinery (5)
Used Power Equipment (19)
Used Processing Machinery - Others (11)
Used Pultrusion Machinery (2)
Used RotoMoulding Machinery (6)
Used Thermoforming Machinery (47)

Used Post Production Machines

Used Bag Making Cutting Sealing Folding Machine (58)
Used Slitter Rewinders Surface Winders (170)
Used Take Off Haul Offs (6)
PCM-4206 Model: DS-AB100-75 - Sheet width: 1500 mm - Sheet thickness: ...
PCM-4203 - For Electric Conduits As Per I5:9537 (Part-3) - High voltag...
PTP-4202 S.W.R. / Elastomeric Repair Coupler Pipe End Socket Belling Machi...
PCM-4201 PE/CPE/PVC/TPO material reinforcement sheet - widely used in r...
PCM-4199 - SJSZ series conical twin-screw extruder s with appropriate scre...
PCM-4200 - Horizontal injection system - Plasticing reliable and operatin...
PCM-4198 SJ series single screw extruder is mainly used in extruding soft ...
PCM-4196 - The UST-100 Stacking System is made to work with Thermoformers ...
PCM-4194 The Co-Kneader, a mild-shear rotating and reciprocating single sc...
PCM-4195 - The offers both closed and clamshell twin screws series built o...