For Sale - PR - 3200 - Dog / Bird Food Bags


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PR - 3200


Dog / Bird Food Bags



Product Details

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Pet Food Bags , Animal Feed Bags and Bird Food Bags from India, many well known Dog food, Bird Food & Horse Food , cat food companies are engaged with us from the various markets.
We have got a tremendous knowledge in developing the bags for all kind of Animal food with the vast experience to make the best suited and properly applicable bag for the specified product; we develop the same with WPP laminated with OPP with customized designs and different solutions to care the product as well as to promote the product, Our Animal food bags are mostly used in USA, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South Africa and West Africa.
We can offer these bags with BOPP Multicolor printed and laminated on single side as well as both sides. We can offer Multicolor Printing as per the need of our client.
We can also provide micro perforation so that air can pass through the bags easily and in-filled product will get the ventilation.