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Cartridge Heaters

  Manufacturers of cartridge heaters for injection moulds, nozzles, T dies, extrusion dies and other applications. Source from manufacturers of quality heaters and heating elements. High density Cartridge heaters are available to heat plastic injection molds, dies, hot plates, T Dies, platens etc. Cartridge heaters are available with built in thermocouples. Low Density Cartridge heaters are used for packaging machinery, heat sealing, labeling machines and hot stamping  

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Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters
Hitco manufacture our high density cartridge heaters using only high quality materials, which guarantees that they operate even under extreme conditions. Major areas  ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Hitco Low density cartridge heaters: This standard cartridge heater is a proven low cost solution for most heating applications its usage is however limited by the maximum surfac  ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Dydac Controls is engaged in manufacturing cartridge heater. The cartridge heater comprises of resister wire which is carefully placed in the heater and high-grade refractory mate  ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Beeco offers a wide range of cartridge heaters, which guarantee high performance. Our range of cartridge heaters are perfectly designed to suit blocks, dies, platens and others. T  ...more
D Type Cartridge Heater / Split Type
Split or D type Cartridge heaters are designed specially for die or mold heating, where the holes are poorly drilled or worn out. The heaters expand and create   ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Ace Heat Tech offers cartridge heaters both high watt and low watt density. These heaters are designed for a long life and outstanding performance. Applications: Cartridge hea  ...more
D Section Cartridge Heaters
Round & D section cartridge heaters made from stainless steel or incoloy sheating tube. resistance coil evenly stretched for uniform heat and compacted in the MgO powder  ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Ravi offer cartridge heaters, which comprises of resister wire carefully placed in the heater. The resister wire is made from high-grade refractory material. Cartridge heater prov  ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge heaters can be made in a variety of sheaths like stainless steel, brass and incolony. Various types of terminations can be provided. Cartridge heaters can be made in a v  ...more
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge heaters are used to heat dies for plastic packaging plants and various other applications. Cartridge heaters are smaller in sizes and are available in two types: high wa  ...more
High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters
We manufacture High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters that are designed for excellent performance and life expectancy that supersedes other cartridge heaters. H  ...more
Low Density Cartridge Heater
Prayosha's Low Density Cartridge Heaters provides long life with excellent heat transfer. These heaters are economic in cost and fast in delivery time. Design of these   ...more
High Density Cartridge Heater
Prayosha's High Density Cartridge Heaters are design for longer life through superior manufacturing process. Heating coil is wound around a ceramic core and isolated f  ...more
High-Density Cartridge Heaters
Features: - Widely used to heat the plastic injection molds, dies, hot plates, platens & many more applications - Designed for High watt density - The use of h  ...more
Swage Cartridge heaters
Cartridge heaters are cylindrical electrical heating elements. Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 50 W/cm2 and their surface temperature c  ...more
Low-Density Cartridge Heaters
Features - Excel's low-density cartridge heater line of various sheath diameters and lead terminations is used in any assembly, equipment or machines. - The low-d  ...more
Standard Cartridge Heaters
Standard Thermocouples Bayonet Adjustable Spring type Washer and Nozzle types Teflon Coated & Stainless Steel braided Mineral Insulated Many more va  ...more
Standard Cartridge Heaters
Widely used to heat the plastic injection molds, dies, hot plates, platens and many more applications. Designed for moderate watt density The use of high purity M  ...more
Cartridge Heaters for Dies, Moulds, Packaging & Heat Sealing M/c
Brass or SS tube sheath, Nichrome resistance wire helical coil evenly stretched and strung through a steat  ...more

Plastic processing machinery including injection, blow molding , rotational moulding, extruders, film, pipe, tape and other extrusion lines, Printing equipment, hopper dryers, screw, barrels, heaters and other auxilary equipment and spare parts. If you are looking for custom built or special purpose machinery write to us at
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