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Ceramic Band Heaters

  Manufacturers of ceramic band heaters and ceramic jacketed heaters for plastics machinery. Ceramic band heaters are energy saving heaters for heating barrels of plastics machinery with longer life. Ceramic band heaters are suitable for injection moulding machines, extrusion machines etc. Special ceramic materials such as steatite with high thermal conductivity are used while the outside of the ceramic heater is jacketed with insulation to conserve electric energy. Contact for perforated ceramic heaters, ceramic flange heaters, ceramic infrared heaters and ceramic band heaters manufacturers.  

Heaters Ceramic Band

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Ceramic Jacketed Band Heaters
Prayosha' Ceramic Band Jacketed Heaters have ceramic band heater with 15mm or 25mm thick Ceramic fibre insulation blanket. These heaters are designed for higher operat  ...more
Ceramic Fibre Jackets Heater
Hitco offers High Temperature Fibre Glass Cloth for operations upto 500 degree C. - 2 inch Thick Ceramic Fibre Blanket - Aluminum/Teflon/Silicone Coated fibre Cloth  ...more
Ceramic Band Insulation Plus with Heat Sink
Hitco "Insulation Plus" consist of helically wound resistance coil made from 80/20 Nichrome wire, evenly stretched and precisely strung through a specia  ...more
The Insulation Plus Power Saving Heaters
Hitco specially designed and engineered four models to meet the ever increasing demand for energy conservation and to improve operations efficiency, capabl  ...more
Ceramic Band Heater
Hitco Ceramic band Heaters are specifically designed and engineered to meet the ever increasing demand for energy conservation and to improve operation efficiency. The conti  ...more
Ceramic Band Heater
Beeco Electronics offers wide ranges of ceramic band heater are perfectly designed to provide high performance heating at very high temperature. The high performance is achieved  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
Ceramic band heater consists of helically wound resistance coil which is of Nickel Chrome wire. This coil is passed through holes in specially designed ceramic bricks in suc  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
Widely used in plastic injection moulding machine, extruders moulding and blowing moulding. Our ceramic band heaters are made from high grade material. This heater has long lif  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
Ceramic Band Heaters: Ceramic Band are manufactured by placing spirally wound nichrome 80/20 resistance wire coil in ceramic insulators and covered by outer stainless steel sh  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
- Available in SS sheathing with power saving options. - Conserves energy with improved heating efficiency. - Upto 55 watts per square inch. - Special high grade steatite i  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
Prayosha Ind-Tech has designed its ceramic band heaters to meet the demands for all type of plastic processing machinery. These heaters are capable of very efficient heat trans  ...more
Ceramic Jacketed Heaters
The key to the ceramic - jacketed heater is its superior design to save the power. It is constructed with our exclusive Dual Insulation- first is the heater's built-  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
Plastic processing requires high operating temperatures and fast production rates. Our group has designed its ceramic band heaters to meet these demands. These heaters are, in   ...more
Ceramic Heaters
We are manufacturer of Ceramic Band Heaters. Features - Excel's Ceramic Band Heaters are versatile & widely used throughout the industry - Especially to heat the cylinders   ...more
Energy Saving Ceramic & Mica Band Heater
Our Energy Saving Ceramic & Mica Band Heater is a superior design to save power upto 30%. The Energy saving is achieved by using 2" thick ceramic wool blank  ...more
Ceramic Band Heaters
Ceramic Band Heater consist of a helically wound resistance coil made from Nichrome 80/20 wire, evenly stretched and precisely strung through a steatit  ...more

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