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Nozzle Heaters

  Manufacturers of nozzle heaters for plastic injection moulding machines. Nozzle heaters with sealed construction, high specific power and protected connections are suitable for heating nozzle region of plastic injection molding machines. Write to for corrosion resistant nozzles heaters manufacturers, sealed high power nozzle heaters and mica nozzle heaters.  

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Coil Type Nozzle Heater
Hitco Coil heaters are specially designed to prevent the failure of heaters against the leakage and contamination of plastic material at nozzle position. This heater can mee  ...more
Mica Band Sealed (Nozzle) Type Heater
Hitco Band heaters are hermetically sealed for liquid plastic during the manufacturing process. The connection between the heating element and the leads is pr  ...more
Hitco Nozzle Heaters
The heating of nozzle in injection machines is still a big problem owing to the costs incidence and subsequent stops in the production process. Hitco analyzed a large series o  ...more
Mica Nozzle Heaters
PHP Mica Nozzle heaters are a unique design developed by the company. These heaters are available with & without outer insulation covers in S.S sheathing depending upon applica  ...more
High Performance Heaters for Machine Nozzles
Compared to conventional method of heating machine nozzles with mica band nozzle heaters, PHP offers a high performance heater which has many advantage  ...more

Plastic processing machinery including injection, blow molding , rotational moulding, extruders, film, pipe, tape and other extrusion lines, Printing equipment, hopper dryers, screw, barrels, heaters and other auxilary equipment and spare parts. If you are looking for custom built or special purpose machinery write to us at
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