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Cast In Heaters

  Manufacturers of Cast in Heaters for Plastic Processing, cast in heaters for hot runner molds. Manufacturers and Suppliers of Casting Heaters for hot runner molds and systems, Casting Heaters for Injection moulding. Source cast in heaters for your hot runner moulding requirements. Casting heaters are also used for injection moulding machine nozzles and sprue bushes  

Heater Cast In

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Cast In Heaters
For uniform heat distribution and efficiency Hitco manufactures cast heaters for better results. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum (aluminum bronze) allows precisely uniform  ...more
Casting Heaters
Beeco Electronics is better known for manufacturing quality casting heaters, which are source for durable heat. The available casting heaters are unique in various features includin  ...more
Space Heaters Embedded Elements and Metal Casted Elements
The heat developed in the tubular element can be transmitted to the surroundings either by convection, conduction or radiation depending on  ...more
Cast Heater (CH)
- Cast-in-Heaters are available in aluminum and brass material in variety of standard designs and styles. - Tubular Heaters are accommodated in the casting material aluminum or br  ...more
Coil Heaters Cast in Brass
We manufacture coil heater cast in brass having an outer casing of stainless steel tube. Available with an added feature of built in thermocouple, its applications are si  ...more
Cast Coil Heater
Our new cast coil heater offer a direct replacement heater in many nozzle applications. All elements of the heater have been designed to work together to give and efficient and rel  ...more
Aluminum Die Cast Dual Air-Water Cool Heater
- Fins for Air - Cooling Tubes for Liquid The Type a W Dual Cooling Function design allows the user to maximize cooling Capabilities as cast fins  ...more
Band Heaters - Aluminum Die Cast Water / Liquid Cool Band Heater
The Important of Water / Liquid Cooling in the plastic extrusion process, the cooling function of the Cast-In Heater is actually its  ...more
Cast - IN - Heaters
Tubular heating elements embeded in aluminium alloy or Brass, providing uniform heat transfer and long life. The heater can be manufactured with cooling  ...more

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