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Electric Heaters for Plastic Machinery

  Contact manufacturers of electric heaters, strip heaters and energy saving electric heaters for plastic machinery. Write to for Infrared heaters, ceramic heaters for extruders, jacketed heaters, mica band heaters for hot runner systems, tubular heaters, heaters for nozzles of injection moulding machines and other requirements on heating of plastics and energy saving electric heaters  

Heaters Electric for Plastic Machinery

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Air heaters
Hitco offers air heaters 'U' type for baking chambers, ovens etc. Air heaters are manufactured out of high temperature resistance chrome nickel steel tube to withstand a surface te  ...more
Flexible Jacket Heaters
Beeco offer a wide range of flexible jacket heater, which are best known for their best performance. These flexible jacket heaters provide uniform heatings to all components  ...more
Machine Heaters
Ravi offer corrugated machine heaters that has tube diameter of 8.2mm. The heater is manufactured as per ISO standard specification 3074. Extra brass terminal is used to protect hea  ...more
Strip Heaters - Strip Heaters
These are available with or with out fins, the standard sizes readily available are 12, 18, 24, 30 with different wattages and sizes. However we do manufacture them as  ...more
Strip Heaters
* Ceramic Strip Heater: Ace offers Strip Heaters for tanks, platens and other surface heating applications, freeze and moisture protection in Control Panels. The Ace Strip Heater's h  ...more
Micro Heaters
Mini coil heaters lend themselves to a variety of applications. Because of its Flexibility mineral insulated cable can be coiled, formed, wrapped around pipe or used straight. Open wo  ...more
Industrial Heaters and Thermocouples
Especially to heat the cylinders (barrels) on all types of plastic(s) processing machinery. The key to the ceramic-jacketed heaters is its superior design   ...more
SS / Titanium Heaters / Silica Heaters
SS/Titanium Heaters
Construction: Made from SS / TITANIUM tubing with replaceable Bobbin Type heating elements inside, provided with mounti  ...more
Bobbin Heaters
Open helical coils of high resistance wire evenly stretched and lay through fluted refractory bobbins. These heating elements are then inserted into 1 1/2" o  ...more
Strip Heaters & Plate Heaters
Our Strip Heaters & Plate Heater is made from Nichrome ribbon wound on mica former & insulated with mica sheet, which is then sheathed in MS plated or SS sheet.  ...more

Plastic processing machinery including injection, blow molding , rotational moulding, extruders, film, pipe, tape and other extrusion lines, Printing equipment, hopper dryers, screw, barrels, heaters and other auxilary equipment and spare parts. If you are looking for custom built or special purpose machinery write to us at
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