For Sale - PR - 3193 - FIBC With PE Liners


Reference Number

PR - 3193


FIBC With PE Liners



Product Details

Depending on your product, a bulk bag can be fitted with an inner bag, which we call as Liner. This Liner provides additional protective properties against air and water vapour migration and the effect of light. The liner can be fitted into the FIBC in various ways like Stitched / Tabbed / Inserted / Glued / Form fit Liners etc.
The key industries who used these kind of liner includes Cement Industry / Sugar Industry / Pharmaceutical Industry / Agriculture Industry for storage of Grains / Animal Husbandary Industry for Storing Animal Feeds / Tobacco etc.

Double dust-proof seams / Anti dust / filler cord / sift proof seams
Top permeter band
Loop protectors
Stevedore loops
Document pocket / zip-lock pouch
Velcro closure
B-lock + rope/cord closure
Colored fabric
Up to 4 color printing