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Filler Masterbatch

Malsons offers wide range of selection of Filler Masterbatches for various applications like Packaging, FIBC, Automotive Compounding etc.
Filler Masterbatch and filled compounds improves strength, stiffness, modify physical & mechanical properties and reduce your processing and product cost.
Transparent filler acts as a nucleating agent and it enhances printing & stiffness. It is mainly used for transparent applications.

Filler Masterbatch and filled compounds for specific applications by Malsons Polymers include
Calcium filled compounds
PP filled compounds.
Flame retardant compounds.
Glass-filled compounds.
PP and PE woven sacks.
Mono and multi layer films
Application of MPL filled compounds
MPL filled compounds are used in the areas like woven sacks.
Films, Raffia tapes, injection molded furniture.
Injection-moulded crates.
Blow moulded items, Automobile components.
Household appliances.
Rotomolded products & extruded items.

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