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High Performance Fire Retardant Fluoropolymers

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene):-
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is a melt processable fluoroplastic resin available in pellet form.
It’s a copolymer of Hexafluoropropylene and Tetrafluoro Ethylene that has high chemical resistance, excellent high and low temperature properties and commendable low friction properties.
It offers superior electrical properties, lower heat release and good mechanical properties as well.

High temperature and high performance wires and cables
Catheter tubing for medical applications.
Underfloor heating wires
Submersible pumps winding wires
LAN and PoE cables

Superior thermal and mechanical properties
Excellent low temperature properties and good mechanical properties.

Exceptional electrical properties
FEP has superior electrical properties and high dielectric strength.

Outstanding chemical resistance
Resistant to Sunlight, most of the chemicals, solvents and fuels.

Appreciable transparency
FEP is fairly transparent material and can be colour coded using appropriate masterbatches.

Antistatic properties
Antistatic properties of FEP helps to eliminate build-up of static electricity in the product.

Extensively used for insulation of high temperature wire and cables.

Because of higher melting point, even if higher current is passed , the insulation is able to withstand the resulting higher heat, at similar insulation thickness against conventional wires.

Wires and components made from FEP exhibit exceptional flame resistance and non-propagation of fire.

Lower data losses and low crosstalk in signalling applications and data communication

High performance in sensitive and critical wire applications due to high dielectric strength.