For Sale - AIE - 1031 - Ribbon Blender


Reference Number

AIE - 1031


Ribbon Blender

Product Details


Ribbon Blender with their multi fold action ensure economical and dependable thorough mixing of wide variety of products in minutes. They are used in leading processing plants, pharmaceuticals, food and plastic Industries for mixing of dry powder and pastes.
Salient Features:

* Inner and outer helical ribbons are accurately proportioned and oppositely pitched to prevent iocalised material accumulation.

* Final Product Homogenity assured.

* Outboard bearings in rugged cast steel housing.

* Fabricated in any specified materials of construction.

* Completely Dust proof,leak proof design.

* Wide range of models to chose from, Tailor made designs also available.

* A quick hand-operated Central of side damper discharge valve.

* Drive and speed reduction with motor and gear box of reputed make.

* Optional Jacketed design Available for heating or cooling application.

* Optional liquid spray nozzle arrangement for efficient introduction of liquid additives.

* Optional vacuum service design also available.

* Optional drive with chain and sprocket.