Required - AIE - 1159 - Automatic Desiccant Dryer


Reference Number

AIE - 1159


Automatic Desiccant Dryer

Product Details

Our unit is a leading manufacturer of Perfumes,Cosmetics & Body care
products. Plastic Department is equipped with

1. Injection Molding M/cs.

2. Blow Molding for PVC & PETG.

3. Thermoforming M/C

We are interested to procure Desiccant Dryer with the following specifications to dry ABS, PCTA & PETG of
Injection Grade.

Type of dryer-Automatic dessicant

Air dryness: Dew point -30 degree centigrade or lower

Air temp: Max. of 65 degree centigrade with hopper inlet temperature

Dew point temperature monitors with a hopper size of 60 kgs.