For Sale - AIE - 1383 - Automatic 3D milling CAM Software


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1383


Automatic 3D milling CAM Software
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Product Details

Our automatic toolpath generation software for surfaced or solid models in mold, die and model businesses. We take the guess work out of your cutter path generation because its' AUTOMATIC. Just enter a few basic parameters to get your job running and the automated CAM software takes care of the rest. Experience the benefits!

1. Rapid programming times

2. User - friendly menus

3. Fast NC machining times

4. Extremely reliable cutter paths

5. Ease of use

6. Training in one or two days

7. Compatibility with existing CAD / CAM systems

8. Standard translators

9. Integrated postprocessing

10. Available on PC's and workstations

11. Rapid return on investment

General features

1. Lace, box, spiral, climb and conventional styles

2. Auto lead - ins (ramped , vertical, off-part and radial)

3. Dynamic graphic toolpath editor with unlimited undo feature

4. Tool changer management

5. Generic post processor generator

6. Boundry curve creation (sketch or from surface edges)

7. Machining plane definition

8. Tipped head machining from views

9. Multiple local stock allowances

10. Auto stepover calculation

11. Batch processing and job chaining

12. High speed machining techniques

Automatic features:

1. Detection of non-machined areas.

2. Linking of all elements, unlimited size and number or surfaces

3. Handling of twisted and triangular surfaces

4. Handling of discontinuities

5. Collision checking

6. Management of undercuts

7. Creation of standard machining sequences

8. Detection and display of rest material

9. Automatic re-roughing

10. Local retracts

11. Remaining stock display