For Sale - AIE - 1384 - CAD software for molds, dies, and tooling


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AIE - 1384


CAD software for molds, dies, and tooling
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Product Details

Ours is a complete CAD system with powerful 3D sculpturing functionally and proficient 2D design features that are ideal in the design room or on the shop floor. Your shop can significantly cut costs and improve production in CAD modelling, tool design and CAM programming with one integrated product family. Ours is the perfect replacement to your multiple tool design systems.

High performance CAD application

1. Easy to use with a user - friendly graphic interface. Some examples of its features are : pre - snap (to avoid erroneous selections), quick zoom, interrogation and modification of distances or entities, 4,000 layers available, comprehensive selection filter functions, unlimited 'undo - redo' command even after the file has been saved, an integrated copy / paste function between different files, etc.,

2. Creation and modification of all types of entities : lines, arcs, circles, curves, NURBS surfaces, ruled surfaces, surfaces by sections and rails, patches, blended surfaces, complex surface fills while maintaining tangency across multiple edges, etc.,

3. Full featured and configurable dimensioning.

4. Section cuts of a part.

5. Creation, edition and insertion of symbols.

6. 2D cross - hatching

7. File import / export (standard formats)

8. Native file import (optional formats) Catia V4 - Catia V5 - Unigraphics - PRO - E - Acis - Parasolid, etc...

9. Neutral file import (optional formats) STL - Step, etc...