For Sale - AIE - 1701 - Pulverizer for temperature sensitive materials


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1701


Pulverizer for temperature sensitive materials

Product Details

Our pulverizes are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and conform to the highest engineering standard. Our Pulverizes are meant for tough and reliable operation round the clock. All Rotating members are dynamically balanced for long trouble-free performance.

Pulverizes are high speed precision grinders for pulverizing, medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials, Typical applications are the Pulverization of PVC, PE, PC and other temperature sensitive materials.

The material to be pulverized is introduced through the center of the grinding disc and pushed outwards by the centrifugal force between stator and rotary disc.

A power suction unit system draws off the material below the mill and cools it intensively. After separation by a cyclone the material fall into a screening machine that is adopted to the special requirement of plastic material.

Standard Equipment:
- Grinding mill with drive motor
- Magnetic vibro feeder
- Feed hopper
- Pneumatic conveying system with motorized blower
- Air lock valve with drive motor
- Dust collector
- Vibro screen with drive motor
- Complete support structure
- Electrical control panel