For Sale - AIE - 1727 - Lever Screen Changer Type BDL


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1727


Lever Screen Changer Type BDL

Product Details

Our screen changers are now available with filtering masses ranging from Dia. 20 to Dia. 120 mm.
New technical solutions have made this product more efficient, versatile and practical.
The inlet body is now heated more uniformly, the internal flow path has been designed to optimize the flow of the material being processed, breaker plates holes are now polished and configured according to more profitable standards and finally the lever can be operated easily from three different positions.
Our screen changer can be supplied as standard or manufactured according to customer's requirements, they are suitable for all extrusion and co-extrusion lines where screen changing does not effect production.
Availability of different sealing ring materials enables safe use of the machine with high pressure or temperatures.