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AIE - 1731


Cooling Tower

Product Details

Cooling Tower helps to improve your productivity and proficiency.

Orientation - Since the beginning we have continuously developed Cooling Towers equipment to fulfill customer's needs. Our guiding principle has been the desire to make simple system with proper design, excellent manufacturing, stringent quality control, and skilled installation.

Product - We can offer wide range of models from 3 TR to 600 TR in Single Cell and Multi Cell.

Reach - A part from covering the whole of India, our machines are also being exported to countries in Middle East and South-East Asia.

Features of our Cooling Tower
- The Cooling Tower is made of tough fiberglass reinforced plastics and has sufficient strength to withstand high wind velocity, earthquakes and industrial vibrations.
- The motor is shock-proof and have totally enclosed type as per IP-55 and suitable for outdoor mounting.
- The Fan is directed driven and of axial flow type. The fan blades are of cast aluminum and completely free from problems encountered with belt and gear drives.
- It prevents spray entrainment, reduces carryover losses of water. The eliminator is of rigid PVC.
- Corrosion resistant fill is made of polyvinyl chloride in honeycomb design.
- Sprinkler is fixed and designed to effect uniform distribution of water.
- Easy operating window is provided for inspection of water falling and distribution. Repair jobs can be executed through the window.