For Sale - AIE - 1732 - Mist Filled Power Saving Cooling Tower


Reference Number

AIE - 1732


Mist Filled Power Saving Cooling Tower

Product Details

We offer Power Saving cooling towers that have the unique feature of inducing air without the use of fan. This results in direct saving on cost of power consumption and maintenance cost saving.

Strength and Stability - A built up modular structure design which is light weight coupled with good strength of FRP is used to give the best structural stability in the most adverse outdoor conditions.

Mist Filled Towers - The Towers are co-current design. These are mist filled avoiding the necessity of filled avoiding the necessity of fills. Hence these eliminate the regular recurring cost of cleaning, maintaining and replacing of fills etc. Over and above saving of heavy productive loss due to maintenance down time.

The Benefits - The above features highlight the superiority of design of our towers over other manufacturers like:
- Scientifically engineered design.
- Anti corrosive construction to give maintenance free service with minimal operating cost.
- No fills, no cleaning, no down time and hence no production loss.
- A power saver.
- Long trouble free life with constant efficiency output.

Construction - the louvers are made of molded FRP using isophthalic resin, with neopentyl glycol gelcoat and suitable U.V. stabilizers. These are one-piece seamless louvers, which are circular in shape to proved maximum strength and stability to the tower even at elevated heights against high wind velocity. They have in-built mist-eliminators.

The Structure - Vertical and Structural columns are of rigid FRP molded pipes specially designed to suit our tower design and give long life without maintenance.

Jet Spray Assembly - Specially designed thermo plastic nozzles help to create a jet spray of water to induce a draft of air, which in turn cools the water. The nozzles are self-cleaning; hence no regular shut down is required for cleaning them. The sprayer header is made of thermoplastic pipe reinforced with FRP.

The Hardware - The nut bolts and washers are made of reinforced thermoplastic and the main structural nut bolts are MS-PP molded.