For Sale - AIE - 1741 - Mould Temperature Controller (Thermo Regulator)


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1741


Mould Temperature Controller (Thermo Regulator)

Product Details

The system is used for maintaining constant temperature of mould during processing, which eliminates stresses in the molded components and increases its shine and finish.

- Oil or water based models available.
- Tank made out of S.S. and completely insulated.
- Pump mounted inside a tank, thus eliminating any chance of oil leakage for models upto 180 degree Celsius
- Special graphite seals for models upto 300 degree Celsius
- Digital Temperature Controller / PID used for Procession accurate Temperature Control.
- Safety Thermostate used.
- Direct / Indirect cooling coil used to keep temperature control accuracy at + 2 degree Celsius.
- Portable, mounted on castor wheels.

Models - Upto 180 degree Celsius
Upto 300 degree Celsius