For Sale - AIE - 1764 - 2000 LTR Henschel MDL FM2000 NEW 2001


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1764


2000 LTR Henschel MDL FM2000 NEW 2001

Product Details

Used 2000 liter Henschel Model FM2000 High Intensity Mixer.
No blades included, New 2001, Serial Number 865270.
Driven by 400 HP AC Motor With Alan Bradley Inverter, 575 Volt.
Alan Bradley Inverter Model KVA343-412.
50/60 HZ, 500-600 AC input.
Serial number MEAF 00 M3, New 12/13/2000.
Mixer equipped with stainless steel jacketed bowl, 51" Diameter x 61" deep.
Previously used with proprietary, 4-tier blades installed on 32" tall central drive shaft.
Blades were designed for wood flower/PP mix for artificial lumber and not available.