For Sale - AIE - 1862 - Fuji Temperature Controllers for India


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AIE - 1862


Fuji Temperature Controllers for India



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Compact, Reliable & Low Cost, that's what Fuji Electric's new PXR series controllers are all about. The PXR series, the newest member of the Fuji controller family, features a Waterproof front structure, Short Depth & Large LED display size. Abundance of features packed in the PXR makes it the most preferred controller in the Process Industry. Apart from the standard Auto-tuning & Fuzzy Control, the PXR also carries a Self-tuning mode, whereby the controller learns the process behavior and optimizes the control action. Some of the Low cost Optional features include: Re-transmission Output, 16-step Ramp/Soak Function, RS-485 (MODBUS) communication, Digital Input, Timer Function, Heating & Cooling control, Heater burnout Alarm, Programmable process Alarms (upto 3 points) etc. The PXR series is available in 1/32 DIN, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN & ΒΌ DIN sizes

Fuji Electric's PXZ series is one of the oldest & most popular temperature controllers available in the market today. Its sheer reliability in tough operating conditions has made the PXZ4 a first choice for many Machine Builders. The PXZ controllers employ Fuji's patented Fuzzy logic algorithm with PID Auto-tune to achieve precise control of the process parameters.

Fuji Electric's PAS3 is an Alarm Setter with ON/OFF contact outputs. It is most suited for detecting overheat in Machines & Equipments. The highly compact PAS3 can accept Thermocouple and Thermistor inputs and can give out a maximum of 2 Alarm outputs. Waterproof structure of the front facia makes the PAS3 an ideal choice for machine mounting applications.

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