For Sale - AIE - 1877 - Single Component Gravimetric Feeder


Reference Number

AIE - 1877


Single Component Gravimetric Feeder

Product Details

Highly advanced and cost-effective single component gravimetric feeder continuous additive/masterbatch for extrusion and blow molding machines
- Up to 50% savings in masterbatch/additives consumption when compared to volumetric feeder
- Up to 35% savings in masterbatch/additives consumption when compared to remote batch blender
- Up to 15% savings masterbatch/additives consumption when compared to batch blender on machine throat
- Extreme accuracy and repeatability allows precise dosing and prevents overdosing of materials
- Loss-in-weight controlling function allows optimum adjustment of operating point
- Improved final product quality
- Reduced number of rejects
- Very simple operation with automatic calibration (zero setup time) ensures maximal efficiency
- Consistent delivery of shot weight, unaffected by particles geometry or their free-flowing properties
- Real-time data collection and management of masterbatch consumption using proprietary control software
- Innovative design and algorithms ensure excellent resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations
- Integrated automatic venturi vacuum loader
- Easy replacement of feeding screw
- Easy maintenance and cleaning when switching colors
- Compact mechanical design and low hopper profile, suited to any injection molding

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