For Sale - AIE - 1908 - High Speed Mixer


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1908


High Speed Mixer


N. A. Group Of Company (Naroto), India

Product Details

Naroto manufacture high efficiency high speed Mixers designed to generate heat due to friction. The high speed Mixers are used to mix granules with pigment paste or pigment powder or different colored granules for uniform blending and mixing. The high speed mixer achieves heat while working is important to blend the pigment paste and powder uniformly.

- Blending Master Batch with the virgin granule
- Mixing Pigments or Pigment paste with granule or polymers powder
- Blending Pigment, Fillers additives
- Sturdy constructions
- Stainless steel vessels (corrosion resistant)
- Twin jacket for heating and cooling
- Pneumatically operated lid and drain valve
- Thermo couple to monitor the temperature while mixing operation
- Timer control for energy saving Heavy duty bearing housing for trouble free working

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