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AIE - 1909


Scrap Grinder


N. A. Group Of Company (Naroto), India

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Scrap grinder (Granulators) manufactured by Naroto are commonly used by almost all the polymers processing industries like injection moulding, Blow moulding, Roto moulding, Thermoforming Cast film, PVC, UPVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, Rigid and flexible Pipes and Articles manufacturing plants to recycle the plant waste and rejected articles during manufacturing process. And also the polymer waste recycling plants.
- Every polymer processing industry has one scrap grinder (granulator). Without the scrap grinder or granulators no polymer processing industry will be working. Almost all polymer processing industries have scrap grinder for their convenience and economical working.
- The scrap grinders are used to reduce the space to the volumetric rejected articles for storing and transporting for subsequent process in the form of compact packing to handle conveniently.
- The recycled materials either blended with the regular virgin materials in small quantities without affecting the finished products. Either using entirely with the recycled materials with separate identity or disposing to other manufacturing plants.
- Either NAROTO was manufacturing the scrap grinding to cater the needs of the Roto moulding industries; later with the pressing demands from various polymers processing industries NAROTO has developed the new generation high efficient low noise level sturdy and compact energy efficient scrap grinders to the needy industries.
- NAROTO is manufacturing wide range of scrap grinders to cater various polymer processing industries along with the roto molding machineries.
- The NAROTO Scrap grinder are equipped with sturdy mild steel fabricated main structures, wear resistant alloy steel cutting blades for efficient shearing action and its unique design to shear the lumps with least resistant.
- The bearing housing is designed for carefree working with easy maintenance during operation and provided with various safely gadgets.

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