For Sale - AIE - 1933 - High Intensity Mixers: Specialty Batch Mixer / Masterbatch Mixer


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AIE - 1933


High Intensity Mixers: Specialty Batch Mixer / Masterbatch Mixer


Neoplast Engineering Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Neoplast offers MB series of mixers specially for masterbatch manufacturing, in addition to PVC compounding, powder coating, coloring, granulating, homogenizing, size reduction, dispersing, pulverizing, sintering, drying, toner manufacturing etc.

Neoplast mixers are proven to manufacture masterbatch from maximum 30 different components (pulverized polymers, wax, lubricants, processing aids etc), which are heated upto 70 to 130 Degree C with frictional heat.

The perfect mixing tool, suitable for specific product requirement, is incorporated to gentle and efficient mixing process through optimization of the flow relation within the mixer. By our proven design of the mixing bowl, speciality mixing tool, deflactor and controlled tool speed the energy consumption is reduced to almost 30 percent.

By using Neoplast masterbatch mixers, our customer are assured about :
- Optimal product mix with homogeneity and dispersion.
- Short batch time and high operational capacity.
- Pneumatic discharge of the end product without delay in production .
- Bulk density increases around 20-40 percent due to sinter process and as a result an increase in output capacity from the processing machines, like extruders.
- Complete elimination of moisture residue from the material.

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