For Sale - AIE - 1935 - Vacuum Conveying System


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1935


Vacuum Conveying System


Neoplast Engineering Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

- Method of conveying - vacuum
- All material contact parts S.S. 304
- Suitable to transfer upto 3000 Kg/Hr.
- Conveying distance: 3 to 30 meters with long radius bends
- Automatic filter bag cleaning system by reverse jet arrangement.
- Teflon coated antistatic cylindrical filters, easy to dismantle for cleaning.
- Compressed fresh air externally provided with sequence timer which keeps the system clean and maintains conveying efficiency.
- The batch receiving hopper with vibration system for free flowing feeding, level sensors, proximity switches and pneumatically actuated discharge valve for feeding to heater mixer.

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