For Sale - AIE - 1945 - Strand Pelletizer


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AIE - 1945


Strand Pelletizer


Neoplast Engineering Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Neoplast Strand Pelletizer:
- Suitable for PVC or polyolefins
- Multiple blade rotors with carbide tip. Speed of the rotor is controlled by AC variable frequency inverter drive.
- All material contact parts are made of stainless steel.
- Carbide tip cutter with 20 teeth and low speed operation for longer life.
- Stationery knife with carbide tip, adjustable for clean cut.
- Wear resistance roller for strand pulling and pneumatically actuated.
- Low noise.
- Compact machine.

Strand Die:
- Made from Alloy steel and hardened and hard chrome plated with plate heaters.
- Number of holes: 9 or 13
- Die is mounted on a hinge type of plate for easy maintenance.
- Breaker plate is included in the offer and can be changed manually easily.
- Optionally - manually screen changer or hydraulic screen changer can be offered

Water Trough:
- The task of the water trough is cooling and drying of extruded strands.
- The cooling tank is made of S.S. 304 and is adjustable to extrusion height.
- Knife holding arrangement with air wiping of strand.
- Hot air is blowing arrangement is provided through the heater of 1.5 KW
- Blower of appropriate capacity is incorporated.

Strand Cutter:
- The task of the strand cutter is cutting of extruded strands.
- Specially designed carbide tip rotor with 20 teeth plus one stationary knife.
- At a time 9 to 13 strands can be cut.
- Adjustable speed of 20-90 m/min.
- Protection of IP 55 equivalent standard.
- Adjustable to extrusion height.

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