For Sale - AIE - 1946 - Air Cooled Die Face Pelletizer


Reference Numbers

AIE - 1946


Air Cooled Die Face Pelletizer


Neoplast Engineering Pvt. Ltd., India

Product Details

Pelletizing Heads:
- Suitable for soft and rigid PVC
- Die mountings available for single screw and twin screw extruders with output from 40 kg/hr to 800 Kg/hr
- Spring loaded cutting blades
- Adjustable air cooling is provided
- Uniform pellet size

Pellet Cooler:
- Suitable for cooling of soft / rigid PVC pellets
- Adjustable vibration, easy cleaning, low noise
- Dust separator for dust free pellets
- Completely cooled pellets with reverse air cooling
- Compact, space saving and versatile system

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