For Sale - AIE - 1980 - Gear Pump for Plastics Processing


Reference Number

AIE - 1980


Gear Pump for Plastics Processing



Product Details

We manufactures gear pump for plastics processing
- LD polyethylene
- LLD polyethylene
- HD polyethylene
-HMW polyethylene
-Ethylene vinyl acetate
-Polystyrene and HIPS
-Polyethylene terephtalate
-Polybutylene terephtalate
-Polyamide 6
-Polyamide 66
-Polyetherether ketone
-Polymethylene methacrylate
-Polyvinyl chloride plasticised
-Cellulose acetate
-Various bonding agents
-Various elastomers
-Thermoplastic elastomers
-Other polymers on request

We also manufacture high volume melt flow pump with 25% higher specific volume
Gear pumps are also maoffered for pressure differential of upto 400 bars
We also make gear pump for elastomeric applications