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AIE - 1981


Screen Changers



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Our changers provide dependable, leak-free filtration of melt streams. Our screen changers incorporate a proven sealless, piston-type design for state-of-the-art filtration technology. Our screen changers provide years of trouble-free operation. In fact, they are guaranteed not to leak for a full five years.
Our screen changers offer the best solution for any application. Our screen changers have been installed in thousands of applications around the world.
-Cast film/sheet
-Foam products
-Blown film
-Blow molding/injection molding
-Thermoplastics of all kinds

Our products consist of screen changers for constant pressure and processing conditions. Continuous and discontinuous screen changers of different designs to meet your specific applications needs:

Piston Type
offer economical filtration solutions. These sealless piston-type screen changers are designed to provide dependable filtration and long life.
-Each continuous screen changer can be applied to a wide variety of specialty polymers and difficult operating conditions.
- Discontinuous screen changers feature simple, robust design and provide a sealless alternative. The discontinuous screen changers are suitable for batch polymerization lines and other applications where discontinuous operation is acceptable.

Belt-Type: offers a complete automatic screen belt feed for constant pressure processing. This automatic screen belt has no effect on the process; timed or pressure control (optional). These are used primarily with continuous production on profile and film lines for standard materials such as PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and PS. The BSC is a sound economical investment for your continuous applications.

Slide-Plate: models for applications that require short residence time and low pressure loss. Integrated hardened sealing systems for operating pressure up to 700 bars make this screen charger a great choice for highly viscous or shear-sensitive materials.