For Sale - AIE - 1989 - Super Silent Nitrogen Compressors


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AIE - 1989


Super Silent Nitrogen Compressors

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We manufacture nitrogen compressors with removable side-doors (Super Silent Unit) for easy maintenance access to any partition. The compressor width is only 760mm without side panels. - Compressor block mounted on swing frame, vibration free (Shock absorbers ). The whole unit is mounted on a solid base plate, which allows easy transportation by forklift. - Forced Feed Lubrication (Oil Pump), for the longest lifetime of all moving parts, that is pistons, cylinders, crankshaft, etc. - All connections at rear side of the unit: Gas Intake and High Pressure Outlet. - The New CONTROL, include Panel with key pad. For the indication of operation-status and mode, setup parameters, maintenance survey, faults (error protocol)., - Easy Auto-Start-Stop Operation for a steady supply of a High Pressure N2 Storage Bank
OPTIONS: - Super Silent Housing: Noise adiabating enclosure for the whole compressor unit: 70 - 72 dB (A), measured at 1m distance, acc. to DIN 45635, part 1. - P61 Filter System: This Cartridge Filter System is necessary to achieve the best purity levels for your N gas. The residual oil - and water-content after the purification is less then 0.3mg/m. - Filter Monitoring: This system provides safe and consistent supervision and monitoring of the filter cartridge's saturation status. When the filter material is fully saturated, the compressor shuts down and can only be operated again, when the saturated filter cartridge is exchanged against a new one. All necessary parameters are displayed in a visual operator interface, easy to understand. - Intake Pressure Reduction: The N feeder supply pressure has to be reduced down to atmospheric level (1bar abs). A 1-Stage Intake Pressure Reduction can be installed for intake pressures up to 15bar. A 2-Stage Intake Pressure Reduction is necessary for intake pressures above 15bar.