For Sale - AIE - 2095 - Double Plate Hydraulic Screen Changers


Reference Number

AIE - 2095


Double Plate Hydraulic Screen Changers



Product Details

The new generations of continuous flow screen changers offer a new simple sealing system that allows it to be used on extrusion lines where the working pressures are very high. After testing this unit on existing plant that is producing flat plate and pipes using "spaghetti" head and underwater cutting systems it was also proposed for blow film lines: successful tests have now been carried out on blow film extrusion lines with fantastic results. It enables the customer to change the filter without interrupting the flow of material allowing the bubble to remain intact. It has been proven on materials up to a thickness of 25/30 micron.

The results have been possible due to an in depth study of the internal flow path and filtering chamber.

A remarkable reduction of maintenance costs have been possible thanks to the introduction of new manufacture modifications.