For Sale - AIE - 2096 - Nitrogen Control Unit


Reference Number

AIE - 2096


Nitrogen Control Unit



Product Details

The Nitrogen Control unit (NCU) is a closed loop microprocessor based controller with touch screen interface. The programmable NCU controls the time and pressure functions of the nitrogen gas during injection and hold steps

Programmable NCU: The NCU has seven steps of programmable time and pressure functions per channel. Additionally, an individual pressure ramp for each step of injection is selectable. This feature allows for smooth transitions between injection set points

Touch Screen Interface: The operator interface is a PC based touch screen monitor using active matrix (TFT) colour. The interface allows the operator to input set points, assign a filename and save individual set up files. Set up files may be saved to the internal 850 mb hard drive or an external 3.5 floppy disk. Once the set up files are saved, the operator simply scrolls to the file name and touches "load program". The NCU can store hundreds of set up files and display them graphically. The test feature allows the operator to run the NCU without running the molding press.

Modular Design: The modular design of the NCU allows for various layouts and field upgrades. The touch screen interface and the keyboard can be mounted remotely from the NCU base hardware, or the base hardware may be mounted within the frame of the molding press. Up to seven additional channels of gas injection can be installed as your need increases.