For Sale - AIE - 2099 - Lube Oil Cleaner


Reference Number

AIE - 2099


Lube Oil Cleaner



Product Details

Our Lube Oil Cleaner is an effective mobile oil purifying system for removing contaminants like abrasives, dust, dirt, water and fuel from Hydraulic, Compressor, Gear, Transformer, Thermo fluids and other industrial oils.

This system is available in three models and can clean oil in the system or outside it. The models have the capacity to clean oil upto 400 Liters, 800 Liters, and 1200 Liters respectively.

Our Technology: The main constituent of the Lube Oil Cleaner is a product designed and developed in Germany and tested in Indian conditions in a variety of situations.

Features and Benefits of Lube Oil Cleaner:
- Filters new oil before putting it into service.
- Removes water and fuel completely from all lubricating oils.
- Can purify used oil to remove abrasive particles, dust and dirt down to 1 micron
- Can be used to transfer and filter in this process oil from drums to systems or vice versa.