For Sale - AIE - 2101 - Electrostatic Oil Purifier


Reference Number

AIE - 2101


Electrostatic Oil Purifier



Product Details

EOP Machine and Low Vacuum Dehydration
- Improves product quality
- Removes smaller particles (i.e Carbon, sludge, dust, oxidation ) upto 0.8 micron and even better online / offline operation.
- Gains oil life.
- No clogging or pressure drop.
- Reduces down time.
- Improves life of hydraulic and lubrication oils.
- Improves life of your machine tool hydraulic system.
- Removes oxidation products and retards the oxidation process.
- Requires no supervision during operation.
- Keeps oil cleaner than when it comes from refinery.

As your machine runs, process called oxidation starts Forming tar, sludge, carbon etc. Tar and sludge are sticky substance that sticks to component surface causing addition wear to your machine components. The product of oil oxidation coats hydraulic servo, proportional valves forcing the friction in these valves to increase oxidation, as change in friction is highly sensitive causes high effect to close tolerance components which leads to-
- Increase downtime
- Constant valve adjustment
- Reduce machine performance
- Slow startup

Our Electrostatic Oil Purifier units have unique ability to draw contaminants of all sizes out of oil, trapping them on surface of collectors, these removes all insoluble contaminants i.e. Carbon, dust, tar, oxidation matter, metallic / non-metallic rust etc.
Our EOP operates on electrostatic principle when oil is made to flow-through electric field which is generated on stainless steel electrodes, these electrodes are covered with Di-Electric media (collectors). The unique design permits to take advantage of the natural charge that each moving contaminants has. Contaminants that have positive charge get deposited on negative plate, while those with inherent negative charge are drawn towards the positive plate. Neutral contaminants are drawn and deposited by gradient force to the edge of collectors where the intensity of the deform electric field is strongest..

The collector is hosed in oil cleaning chamber, each collector is made of disposable cellulose fiber and is pleated to hold the greatest quality of contaminants. Collectors can hold as much as 4.5 kgs. Before change is required and will furni 2000 hours of use depending upon the actual contaminants of oil.

Electrostatic oil purifier cannot and do not remove oil soluble additives. The purity achieved by use of us from 0.8 microns and even better.

Electrostatic Oil Purifier (EOP): Our machined are directly installed on your machine tool. Our machines are directly installed on your machine tool. Hydraulic system purification takes place when your machine is in normal operation. These system ensures you not only oil in reservoir of your machine tool is purified also oil running in entire system is purified.