For Sale - AIE - 2102 - Low Vacuum Dehydration Machines


Reference Number

AIE - 2102


Low Vacuum Dehydration Machines



Product Details

EOP Machine and Low Vacuum Dehydration

- Improves product quality
- Removes smaller particles (i.e Carbon, sludge, dust, oxidation) upto 0.8 micron and even better online / offline operation.
- Gains oil life.
- No clogging or pressure drop.
- Reduces down time.
- Improves life of hydraulic and lubrication oils.
- Improves life of your machine tool hydraulic system.
- Removes oxidation products and retards the oxidation process.
- Requires no supervision during operation.
- Keeps oil cleaner than when it comes from refinery.

As your machine runs, process called oxidation starts Forming tar, sludge, carbon etc. Tar and sludge are sticky substance that sticks to component surface causing addition wear to your machine components. The product of oil oxidation coats hydraulic servo, proportional valves forcing the friction in these valves to increase oxidation, as change in friction is highly sensitive causes high effect to close tolerance components which leads to-
- Increase downtime
- Constant valve adjustment
- Reduce machine performance
- Slow startup

Low Vacuum Dehydration LVDH-50 is mobile compact unit to remove free and absorbed moisture from mineral based and also from synthetic oil at low temperature.
Oil contaminated with water is passed through an indirect chamber and dispersed in to vacuum distillation chamber. The vacuum in the chamber vaporizes, water, gases and other impurities which are excavated via condenser to the atmosphere. Dehydrated oil is pumped back to reservoir.