For Sale - AIE - 2156 - Cassette Type Continuous Screen Changers


Reference Number

AIE - 2156


Cassette Type Continuous Screen Changers



Product Details

Rajhans is leading manufacturer of various types of continuous screen changers, for the global market. Our quality screen changers ensure continued production without interruptions.

Output - 50 to 550 kg/hrs

- Special adapter for die and barrels side as per your specifications.
- Hand trolley for mounting the Screen Changer.
- Spare Screen packs and heaters.
- Hydraulic / Pneumatic actuation if required.

Application - This type of screen changer usually applied masterbatch plant, polymers plant, texurizing plant, tape or polyester sheet and film plant etc.

- It is absolutely necessary to filter plastic material by way of Screen Changer.
- The impurities will prevent the damage of the die and barrel and increase the life.
- The final product will be consistently good.
- Filter mesh can be changed without stopping the extruder line.
- Without stopping the production of the line i.e. increase the production

- Easy to keep or change mesh
- Easy to clean
- Easy to operate and prefill system
- Very suitable of heavy production
- Very suitable for frequently changing mesh due to waste material
- Leakage free system
- Eliminated production idle time
- Maximum utilization of plant
- No wastage of material due to non stop working

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