For Sale - AIE - 2158 - Plunger Type Manual Screen Changers


Reference Number

AIE - 2158


Plunger Type Manual Screen Changers



Product Details

Rajhans manufactures manual screen changers for economy and use with low line speed extrusion plants

Output - 50 to 350 kg/hrs

This screen changer manual operated and 2 to 3 minutes required for changing one station to second station.

- Special adapter for die and barrels side as per your specifications.
- Hand trolley for mounting the Screen Changer.
- Spare Screen packs and heaters.
- Hydraulic / Pneumatic actuation if required.

- It is absolutely necessary to filter plastic material by way of Screen Changer.
- The impurities will prevent the damage of the die and barrel and increase the life.
- The final product will be consistently good.
- Absolutely eliminated leakage problem.
- Absolutely eliminated idle time.
- Maximum utilization of plant.
- Mesh cost reduce
- Easy to operate

Application: Tape plant, Pipe plant, Lamination plant, Sheet plant, Film plant, Blown film plant, Multi layer blown film plant, Co-extrusion line.

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